This is something I thru together to test different color codes. After playing with it I decided that it needed sliders. So I played with the scoll function of the div tag and this is what I came up with. Seems to only work with IE.
Color tester
Stupid HTML/JavaScript tricks
I think I first saw this on Slashdot talking about this cool little toy on Think Geek. For some reason I decided to throw one together today. I also got to play a little with bitwise opererators in Javascript.
LED Binary Clock
I added some tracking code to my pages only to find that people are actually looking at this one. It seems there aren't a lot of sites out there called stupid HTML Tricks. But since you're here you might as well check out my newest project. I'm sure it's sacrilege to mix ASP and PHP and MySql all on the same web site, But I've always beleived in getting things done. so there you go.
The Flicks